BIPEL 100 ton hydraulic

BIPEL 100 Ton Compression Presses

JRD BIPEL took on the challange to build two new compression presses for the manufacture of transmission belts. The total length of each press was close to 8 metres. This presented a challange to build it in our factory due to hight restriction. Each press has oil heating platens, two main cylinders, core cylinder and […]

New 150 ton Press

Two new bespoke built compression presses

Two new bespoke built composite material presses. JRD BIPEL bespoke designed the presses to customer specifications. Each press has two cylinders. Table size 1800mm x 1500mm. Main ram stroke 800mm and daylight between tables 1200mm. Both Omron control system and hydraulic power pack control the press operation. The two presses form part of a fully […]

New 240t compression moulding press

This press was designed and built by JRD BIPEL for a customer in the UK for the manufacture of rubber belts. The press has steam heated platens and also we supplied all the steam valves and pipeworks. For further details please contact us.

55 ton hydraulic press

New 40t compression moulding press

This press was designed and built by JRD BIPEL for moulding silicon mats. The press has electric heated platens 1m x 3m. For further details please contact us.

BIPEL 150 ton press

Rebuild of four BIPEL 150T compression presses

JRD BIPEL started a new project to factory rebuild four BIPEL 150 ton compression presses. All four presses are fitted with modern control, new guards and safety system which comply with modern safety standards. contact us.

Rebuild Service

Over the past 15 years JRD BIPEL invested heavily in developing and modernizing both the electrical, hydraulic and the safety of BIPEL presses. BIPEL Downstroking presses are in use in a very wide range of industries and markets such as composite, rubber, bearings, medical, plastic, nuclear, friction material etc.