Laboratory Hydraulic Press (NEW)

Laboratory Compression Press for the R&D institutions. This range of hydraulic presses was developed over the years by listining to our customers suggestions and needs to have the flexibilty to use the presses for various applications and materials. This laboratory compression press is built to customer specifications.

Model Designation                             From 10 – 100 ton Hydraulic Press
Modes of Operation                            Manual – Semi Automatic
Design                                        Self contained
Direction of pressing                         Up-Stroking
Platen size options from 200mm x 200mm to 600mm x 600mm
Stroke From 300mm
Temperature From 150°C to 430°C
Platen heating zones From 2 – 9 zones per platen
Ramp Temperature
Ramp pressure
Platen cooling
Energy saving for long cure cycle
Cycle map selection

Applications for BIPEL laboratory hydraulic press: Lamination, composite moulding, rubber moulding, SMC, DMC
Industry: Aerospace and defence, Automotive, Oil and Gas, Green energy, Universities, research centres ….