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More than 6000 BIPEL compression down stroking presses for moulding thermoplastic materials are in use in some 60 countries throughout the world.

Many users are market leaders in their industries. The reputation for reliability earned by BIPEL  down stroking presses has made them synonymous with moulding, Rubber, composites,  electrical components and switches and a wide range of industrial parts including grinding wheels.

Industrial Use:


Carbon Fibre


Aerospace and Defence




And many other industries that require compression mould presses


Built for long lasting

Economical trouble free  hydraulics

A wide range of control options to suite customer’s requirement

Flexible ejector system

Fully automatic powder feed &strip

Improved heating efficiency and curing up to 450c degrees

1000t BIPEL compression moulding Press
150 Ton BIPEL hydraulic Press
240 ton Dewatering Press
BIPEL 150 tonne Hydraulic Press
BIPEL 200 tonne hydraulic press for friction industry
BIPEL Twin 40 ton Compression Moulding Press
New 50 tonne BIPEL Hydraulic Press
New Composite compression moulding press
Rebuilt 450t BIPEL Hydraulic Press with high temperature heated platens