Pelletisers / Preformers

Our pelletiser and preformer machines are delicately fine-tuned to produce the highest specification tables from any material capable of compacting and withstanding pressure, and are used daily in industries including H.E.M, defence, plastics, metals and foundry, leisure, pyrotechnic, agriculture, nuclear, carbon, motor and ceramics.

Key Features

  • Higher output: A horizontal pressing action allows formed tablets to fall by gravity into an off-take system, reducing offload time and maximizing output
  • Customisation: Our machines produce tablets from 10mm to 120mm in diameter. Cubes, lozenges, cylinders and many other shapes can be formed. Logos and trade names can also be impressed on the tablets (material dependent)
  • Precise: The leading BIPEL Pelletiser Volumetric Control System gives a shot weight tolerance of +/-1%
  • Consistent Tablet Density: Close control of the BIPEL Pelletiser and Preformer enables the tablet die to “float free” as pressure is applied. The forces exerted during the pressing phase are equalised (as in double acting press) and the material is evenly compacted throughout
  • Jam Prevention: BIPEL Pelletisers and Preformers are constructed so the leading edge of both fixed and moving punches sweep the full length of the die at each stroke. This helps clear away powder and prevents a costly blockage
  • Powerful PLC control: BIPEL Pelletisers and Preformers are controlled by a programmable logic controller (PLC) housed in a dustproof enclosure. The electronic positional sensing system works via a transparent window to allow the integrity of the enclosure to be maintained. This powerful PLC system enables a range of special sequences to be set to cater for the unique processing requirements of materials.