50 tonne hydraulic press

50 tonne hydraulic press for produciton and product development. This range of hydraulic presses has been developed over the years by listining to our customers suggestions and requirement to have the flexibilty to use the presses for various applications and materials. This 50 tonne hydraulic press can be built to customer specifications.

Platen size: from 300mm x 300mm to 600 mm  x 600 mm
Day light between heated platen 350 mm
Stroke: from 300 mm
Number of heated platens: 2
Number of heating zones per platen from 2 to 9
Temperature: upto 430°C
Platen Cooling: water and air
Proportional pressure control
Ramp temperature and pressure
Preheat on either pressure or position
Cylcle time anything from 1 minutes to 20 hours
Cycle selection screen
Recipe system
Moving table position control from 0mm to 300mm
Front raising guard

The hydraulic press operator can select the press operation from the cycle selection scree.

Material preheat can be based either on position or force.

The hydraulic press can run for very long cylce time. For long cycles, the pump is switched off and pressure monitored and maintained.